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Vodka gives you depression!*

In Foto, Gin/Genever on Mai 31, 2010 at 8:53 pm

And if not while drinking, at least on the next day, and come on: no taste, no body, no odor  – not even the hottest woman can turn you on like that…
Okay, and for the bar folks: thats all old stupid vodka-bashing, but seriously: most „regular drinkers“ here in Berlin (Germany? Europe? World…?!?) still think it actually IS ALWAYS the ONLY liquor of choice…
So let’s keep last time’s promise and speak about:

The (old fashioned / improved / fancy…) Gin Cocktail

– about 1 tsp. Simple Syrup (1 part water, 2 parts sugar)
– 1 or 2 dashes Bitters **
– 1/2 tsp. Orange Curacao (for the purist: be ware! the „Pimp My Cocktail“ starts right here!)
– 2 oz (6 cl) Gin / Jenever / Wacholder

stir with ice, strain in a priori cooled fancy wine glas and do the twist (with some lemon peel, for example).

The Westcoast Gentleman’s Drink of the nineteenth century – they must have loved that stuff!

David Wondrich, „senior research fellow at the Esquire Institute for Advanced Research in Mixology“,  tells a story about a poor guy loosing a fortune cause of that wicked concoction! Must have been the Dry Martini of the time when the Gangs of New York reight their boroughs… What I love about it it – beside the great taste – is 1. it is a Cocktail in meaning of this term that it had when it appeared on the face of the world, somewhat before 1800 – base spirit, water/ice, sugar and bitters – a „bittered Sling„; 2. a great way to enjoy Jenever or Holland Gin and even Wacholder or Steinhäger (let’s call it WestphAlienGin!); 3. it is so simple but with almost no limit to make it something real sophisticated. – what about a dash of Absinth (or some anise substitute), like Jerry Thomas does in a later version of his book (he switches from Curacao to Maraschino, too and calls it The Improved Holland Gin Cocktail with that tunings), or you can switch from curacao to Chartreuse, like Harry Johnson did – more herbal and if you cut down on the sugar a little it’s a great aperitif. And as an digestiv let’s get even more historical: there are aged Jenevers to! The Bokma de Vijf Jaren for example.

*) No scientific research here, sorry – just an intelligent, nice and sexy looking woman who said that about a week ago while arguing against drinking vodka towards drinking more Amaros…

**) I used Unicum Bitters from Hungary here, because of it’s assumed alikeness to the Bogart’s/Boker’s Bitters (it’s a typo – Bogart’s Bittes probably never existed) that Jerry Thomas used. But try Angostura, or Orange Bitters, Boonekamp would be an interesting test cause in Westphalia there is a shot called „Wacholder Stritz“ and that is kind of a Pink Gin – Wacholder with a dash of that Boonekamp.

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